Brewing Sustainability

Brewing Sustainability

At Canyon Brewing, we're passionate about crafting great beers that not only quench your thirst, but also leave a positive impact on the planet. Today, we are incredibly proud to unveil our latest collaboration with Sherwood: Be Here Now, a collaborative brew that supports local carbon removal initiatives. This joint endeavour marks a significant milestone in our mission to brew responsibly and create a more sustainable future for Queenstown. 

In Sherwood, we've found a kindred spirit that shares our passion for sustainability. Their commitment to creating a more sustainable town aligns perfectly with our vision for a greener future. This partnership allows us to combine our efforts and make a more substantial impact in reducing carbon emissions in the Queenstown area. 

"Be Here Now, inspired by the Ram Dass book of the same title, is created to inspire you to live in the moment and enjoy everything this beautiful town has to offer” 

Project Aim

Like any manufacturing process, brewing beer inevitably results in carbon emissions. Now, we’re not going to stop making beer (because it’s tasty, and we love doing it) but we are committed to going above and beyond to make sure the beer we produce makes a positive difference. We are channeling a portion of the profits from the Be Here Now Hazy Pale Ale to support local biodiversity initiatives in the hopes to offset the emissions it takes to produce it! 

The first step towards achieving this was to measure and understand the carbon footprint of the beer. This includes the carbon emissions associated with sourcing all the ingredients that go into it such as barley, hops, and yeast, as well as the energy used to brew, package and deliver it. Even the creation of labels and cans didn't escape scrutiny. By tracking these emissions, we gained valuable insights into our impact on the environment, enabling us to create a tangible figure to work towards. 

Inspiring Adventures, Low Emissions 

From breathtaking hikes in pristine national parks to biking trails that showcase the area's natural beauty, we wanted the label to serve as a reminder that indulging in low to no emissions adventures is not only possible, but crucial for preserving the beauty of the Southern Lakes area. 

So, as we launch Be Here Now in collaboration with Sherwood, we invite all of you to join us on this sustainability journey. By choosing this beer, you become part of the solution, supporting local biodiversity projects and contributing to a cleaner, greener Queenstown. 

Together, we can raise a toast to a future where great beer and sustainability go hand in hand. Let's embrace a lifestyle that celebrates the environment and brings us closer to Queenstown’s goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2030. 

Cheers to many more sustainable sips! 

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