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Canyon Brewing

Reel Ale NZIPA

Reel Ale NZIPA

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  Reel Ale – NZIPA 6.8% 

Top 10 at the NZIPA Challenge 2024

Crafted in collaboration with our mates at Pirate Life, this NZIPA tilts a cap to the unique waters surrounding our respective breweries, and is best cracked with a rod and tale in tow. 

Freestyle Hops hooked us up with some classic local strains, plus a bottle of concentrated lupulin for good measure. The resulting bouquet is intense. Your nose will be appropriately stoked. 

Expect a golden pour and a gentle haze. Smacks of mandarin and crushed pine dart from the collar, which settles creamy and white. On the palate, well-integrated bitterness pairs with a long, fruity finish. 

* Freshly bagged trout not included. 

Contains gluten  • Vegan

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